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Joshua Hagan,
Legal Assistant & Online Investigation

Joshua is the administrative and legal assistant for Vantage Point Law.  His friendly face will most like be the first one you will encounter when you visit our office, and his polite voice will most likely the one to greet you when you call.  With exceptional IT abilities, Josh quickly assembles files, documents, and evidence in manageable paper and electronic formats.  Josh deploys his talent to sleuth information in his role as the firm’s online investigator, gaining publically available, but hard to find, information on opponents, properties and businesses. He is available to assist you and the Vantage Point attorneys in your matter, and answer many of the non-legal questions you may have as a VPL Client.   

Josh hails from Arkansas, and spending his early childhood on a farm before moving to South Carolina.  The second decade and formative years of his life would be spent in Indiana where he graduated at his High School 32nd in a class of 360+ students.  Josh went on to attend Indiana University.  Heeding ‘go west young man’, Josh moved to California.  He began working with Mr. Rooney in 2006 and remains a valued member of the Vantage Point, Law, Inc. team.

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