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Vantage Point: [noun]

a position that affords a wide and advantageous perspective. 





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Real Estate Transactions


Real Estate is a big deal

at Vantage Point Law

we are up to the challenge.

Compass Rose

Real Estate Litigation

Litigation can be tough, 

but at Vantage Point Law, 

so are we. 


Compass Rose

Business Formations & Transactions


Starting a business can be daunting, 

at Vantage Point Law, 

we know the path

Compass Rose

Business Litigation


Business can be cutthroat,

but Vantage Point Law

fights the good fight

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Wrongful Death & Severe Personal Injury


If death or serious injury strike, count on Vantage Point Law for compassion & commitment



Vantage Point Law focuses on navigating clients through their legal challenges and opportunities in real estate and commercial business matters.  As a boutique firm, Vantage Point Law’s founding attorney Jeff Rooney brings 30+ years of legal experience and practical knowledge to work for you.  Vantage Point Law, Inc. handles transactional matters and litigation, aggressively pursuing client’s goals, while being sensitive to each client’s unique risk tolerance.   Contact Vantage Point Law to discover how a one-to-one relationship with an attorney dedicated to you can help you effectively achieve your goals.

Compass Rose
Modern Office


Picture of Jeffrey J. Rooney
Jeffrey Rooney, Esq

Tel: 925.934.7400 Ext. 102

Picture of Alice Freeman
Alice Freeman
Certified Paralegal & Office Manager

Tel: 925-934-7400 Ext. 101

Picture of Joshua Hagan
Joshua Hagan
Legal Assistant & Online Investigation

Tel: 925-934-7400 Ext. 100

Modern City


Michael L., Carmel, California

“Jeff clearly loves his work and his clients.  During a long litigation, he stayed focused and never lost his sense of humor. His communication skills are superb and kept us from losing focus.   We felt he listened to us and came up with winning solutions.  He is certainly someone to trust with any legal difficulties.”

Glenn J., Concord, California

“It has been my pleasure to work with Jeff and the VantagePoint Law team for over 15 years now.  From first taking my business from Sole Proprietorship to “S” Corp., then to “C” Corp and then on to a sale years later, they have never disappointed to provide the highest quality and detailed work and most insightful counsel.  Today I continue to work exclusively with VantagePoint on all my personal and family matters.”

Garo K., Orinda

“I met Jeff when he was representing someone against me and was impressed with his skill, passion and focus on achieving results.  After that litigation ended, Jeff became my attorney and has successfully and competently handled my transactional and litigation matters for the past 26 years.  Jeff is my trusted advisor and a highly effective lawyer.”

Mark O., Fairfield

“While defending me in a commercial dispute, Jeff spotted a discrepancy in some records uncovering a multi-year, million dollar fraud by a trucking company.  Not only did I not pay anything, Jeff recovered a six figure settlement for me and then went on to help many other truckers.  Jeff has gone up against refinery operators and recovered six figure personal injury actions as well.  Jeff shows compassion for his clients and uses his excellent legal mind to win cases.”

Window ceiling with high-rise buildings in the background


Vantage Point Law, Inc.


18 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 130, San Ramon, California 94583

Tel:  925.934.7400


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